April 10, 2015



Milwaukee Floor Care

From dirty sneakers to spilled sodas, muddy boots to abrasive-bottomed shelving and furniture, floors take quite a beating. Luckily for you – and the appearance of your business – Milwaukee floor care experts are available to bring your flooring back to life. As you already know, the state of your floors can have a major impact on your company’s reputation. Like your building’s exterior, your flooring contributes a great deal to your customers’ first impressions. Day after day of use and abuse without proper maintenance can turn even the most durable and high-end flooring into a dingy mess.

However, if you’re like most Milwaukee business owners, you probably don’t spend a whole lot of time considering the state of your flooring. After all, your top priority is keeping your customers happy and running a successful venture. That’s exactly why you need a company like Spot Free Cleaning to schedule regular cleanings and keep your floor in top shape. Our Milwaukee floor cleaning specialists are able to wax, re-coat, scrub and seal your flooring so you’ll never have to worry about how it appears to potential clients. Best of all, because we use the most advanced techniques and equipment, we’re able to get you the results you need without interrupting your day. Like you, we always aim to exceed our customers’ satisfaction.


Customized Cleaning Packages

As a local Milwaukee business ourselves, we know everyone has different needs. While some companies may need a full stripping and re-coating, others may need nothing more than a good, old-fashioned scrub and wax. The services that work best for your floor depend greatly on the amount of foot traffic you experience each day, the size of your business and much more. That’s exactly why we have several services and customized packages available. Have something in mind and don’t see it listed? Let us know! We’ll be happy to find a way to meet your specific needs.